Garden of Fragrance: The Morning of Blueberry Jam Friday

Friday, May 26, 2017

The Morning of Blueberry Jam Friday

Good Morning & a Blueberry Jam Friday

Today I'm creating Blueberry Jam sprinkles for your warmer.

They will be ready in about a week and smell so good.
I was going to try to photograph the sprinkles in the bag but the lights were creating way too much glare. So...I just put some in a bowl to give you a better idea what they look like. The color isn't absorbed yet so my hands kind of looked like a blue smurf's hands. lol

These delicious smelling sprinkles come in their own jar & 
soon I'll be offering refills. Don't want a refill, well then you can wash and reuse the jar. Since these sprinkles are soy wax, the container washes up super easy.

Blueberry Jam Sprinkles are made of fragrance of Blueberry Jam, Almonds, Orange Citrus, Marionberry 
and Touch of Musk.

Order your Blueberry Jam Sprinkles below.
They will ship in one week.
Blueberry Jam Sprinkles

I'm creating a great selection for Memorial Day in remembrance of those who gave their lives while serving our country.
Hint: The three scents that will be available in the sprinkles set are Blueberry Jam, Watermelon and Vanilla. 

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