Garden of Fragrance: Are You Using Detergent or Real Soap?

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Are You Using Detergent or Real Soap?

Happy Tuesday everyone.

Somethings have been on my mind to share.

I started creating soaps because I was disturbed by what
is in your typical store purchased soap.

Did you know that most manufacturers take the moisturizing glycerin out of bar soaps?

Why do that do that!
They do so because a manufacturer can't mass produce soaps with the glycerin because it would stick to their rollers and machinery.

It disturbs me it's more important to make $$ and not create a quality, moisturizing soap.

So my question to you is this...would you rather purchase a bar of soaps that resembles a bar of detergent with scent added or purchase a bar of soap that is created with glycerin to allow your skin to drink in moisture and not be deprived.

Since I homeschool my grandson, we do lots of experiments.
We did an experiment with store purchased soap and watermelon soap I create.

Microwaves use electromagnetic waves to heat our food but the food has to have moisture (water) in it. Otherwise it will burn or explode. 

We placed the store bought soap on a plate (the picture is at the top of this post)
The soap burned and smelled so bad we had to leave the room and not enter for a few minutes.

The handmade soap with glycerin melted in a puddle.

The store purchased soap clearly had no moisture in it and mine was full of plenty.
As the saying goes 'the proof is in the pudding'!


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