Garden of Fragrance: Autumn Pumpkins

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Autumn Pumpkins

It's autumn and pumpkin time. I love pumpkins so I've been creating pumpkin candles.
The pumpkin above is a darker orange and aprox. 5 inches tall.
You can use it more as decor or burn the candle.
If you burn it do put it on a safe candle plate.
It's scented Pumpkin-Cinnamon 
I gloss the outside of the candle to give it a nice sheen but 
under that sheen, the scent is still right there as it burns. 
You will notice the wick is curled on top the stem.
Unroll it, trim it, light it and enjoy!
You can be sure more pumpkins are on their way so stay tuned!

Shiny Pumpkin Candle
5 inches
Pumpkin-Cinnamon Scent
Pumpkin Candle 1

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