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Sunday, December 3, 2017

Christmas Cookie Sweet

Good evening. I hope your Sunday has been as relaxing and fragrant as ever. I want to help you make things even more fragrant. 
I have something Christmas cookie sweet to share. I'm an affiliate for Goose Greek Candles and I saw this awesome candle and had to share. 
This Large 2 lead free wick candle scented, 'Christmas Cookies' with
Prominent scent notes of 
Top: Vanilla Sugar, Coconut Milk
Mid: Whipped Cream
Base: French Vanilla, Warm Cookie
This candle is 6.6 inches high and 5 inches diameter.
Burns aprox. 150 hours
Made of Premium Paraffin
And right now is this awesome Christmas Cookie Candle 
Normally retails for $27.99 and for is yours for $17.99
You can purchase right here right now and get it on your way for some holiday fragrance wafting through your home. 

Christmas Cookie Jar Candle
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